Political & Televised

Political and televised events require specialized lighting and audio systems to ensure their message is clear and impactful. PA Entertainment Group provides color temperature correct lighting, clear audio so every spoken word is heard, and distributive audio systems for press and broadcast. Our inventory includes:

  • TV Lighting

  • ARRIMAX 18kHMI & M-Series Broadcast Lighting

  • High Vocal Clarity Line Array Speaker Systems

  • Press Mult-Boxes

  • Rigging Systems

  • Staging & Press Risers

  • Podiums

  • Presidential Microphone packages

  • Large US Flags, Patriotic Bunting

  • Presidential Blue Velour Pipe & Drape

  • Pedestrian Control Barricades

  • Patriotic Décor and set design

  • Power Generators

  • On-site Technical Crew

  • Total event coordination